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Knitted toys have a special texture that works well with the sensorics of a child.
Knitted toys are safer than plastic ones and they easily crinkle, curl, fold, and this means that they play with the child and are more interesting and informative.
Psychologists believe that the schematic, stylized dolls are much more effective in developing a child than dolls with anatomically accurate details of the face and body. “Faceless” pupae help the child stimulate imagination and develop figurative thinking, which means that his mental development goes faster and more complexly.
Knitted toys can be washed, so they can live with your child until he grows up, while remaining clean and not shabby.
The huge advantage of knitted toys is that you can knit anything!
Order for the manufacture of toys is best done in advance, the work can take about a week. All details, nuances and wishes are discussed.
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